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How to Get License and Activate Template

For this article I will show How to Get License and Activate Template. So why am I sharing this article? So that bloggers who download free premium templates on Theme Fahmi know how to remove template activation alerts. don't need a lot of small talk, just read the tutorial below carefully.

How to Get License and Activate Template

How to get a license

Go to the Member Fahmi Register page, please fill in the form provided correctly and accurately, it looks more or less like this.

After that you will be brought to the login page, please fill it in according to the data at the time of registration, if successful then you will be brought to the dashboard page which looks more or less like this.

Scroll down and see your license code then copy it, and don't forget to add the blog domain that you want to use the licensed template.

Remember this is the most important !!, enter the blog url without https:// or http:// and also ?m=1.

your blog url like this enter only

How to Activate Template

Please go to in the menu section, please select Layout, after that please select the Input License code widget at the very top of the widget layout, edit the widget and paste the license code you copied earlier.

The purpose of this tutorial is to remove the alert activate template as shown below

Information regarding license code

The license code can be obtained by all users for free, by registering only.

So the problem is that this code license will be active for approximately 3 months, after that the license will no longer be used or expire.

To extend the active period you can upgrade to premium or you can increase the license active period per year, please contact the admin for more information

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